What You Need To Know About Genital Herpes And How To Manage It

There are those diseases that are communicable and those that are not. Communicable diseases are those diseases that can be transferred from one infected person to many others without their knowledge. Communicable diseases are very dangerous because, there is very little that one can do to avoid contracting it. An example of a communicable disease is Tuberculosis which is spread through coughing. Diseases that are not communicable can be easily avoided because as long as you do not get involved in the process that leads to getting the disease, then you are safe. You must be involved to get the disease.

baleGenital herpes is one such kind of a disease. You will only contract it if you are involved. This therefore means taking measures and being keen will go a long way in self-protection. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and therefore means that there has to be sexual intercourse for one to acquire it. Unless one is raped and in which case one should rush to the hospital for check up and special treatment, anybody else getting the disease will be out of ignorance.

It is therefore important for people planning to have any kind of sexual activity to ensure that they are tested prior to intercourse. Prevention is better than cure and there is no harm in getting tested and knowing your partners status. It is very okay to have the confirmation and the assurance that you are not endangering yourself in anyway. For any decision made and action taken, there is always an outcome and a result.

Though herpes is not a killer disease, it can have detrimental effects. For pregnant mothers who have it, it can lead to miscarriage or even early delivery of the child. Also, pregnant mothers can pass the infection to their unborn child which can cause a deadly infection known as the neonatal herpes. If you realize that you are having herpes and are pregnant, then you must take measures that will ensure that your child will not be infected in whichever way. It is important to go for antenatal clinics and give the doctor the right information. It is also important to know that one may be advised to have C-section as the safest delivery method to avoid baby from getting infected and hence the need to cooperate with your doctor.

It is important to note that genital herpes actually posses a greater danger to the newborn especially if a woman gets infected while on her pregnancy. It is important for a pregnant mother to take up herpes test so as to know of their condition. If you discover that your husband has herpes, it is important to take measures especially during pregnancy and get a trusted herpes cure procedure early enough. Avoid unprotected oral, virginal or anal sex. It is also advisable for your sex partner to take anti-herpes drugs throughout the pregnancy duration as these drugs help to reduce the risk of passing the infection from him to you.