How Nutrition And Regular Chiropractic Adjustments Create Optimal Health

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractors are professionals who practice holistic medicine. This means they do not just focus on one disease and its symptoms, but consider the health and well-being of the whole body. This is a huge reason why nutrition is one of the aspects that your chiropractor’s practice looks at because without the proper food intake, it is difficult to achieve balance in the whole body.

Many people associate their chiropractors only with getting adjusted but fail to realize that they are also offering nutritional counseling. In fact, a study from the National Institute of Health found that up to 80% of chiropractic practices in the State of New York do offer this service to their patients.

Combining the traditional treatments like massage or cranial sacral therapy with the right diet is the perfect blend for a holistic approach that patients seek. Here are some ways that the combination of a balanced diet and chiropractic care can help.

  1. Reduce Inflammation And Pain

The majority of patients who come to a chiropractor want to consult for autoimmune and inflammatory issues like diabetes, scoliosis, arthritis, or hypothyroidism. Scientific studies have pointed to changes in diet as being successful in reducing systemic inflammation. In turn, chronic pain is alleviated, as well as other clinical symptoms brought about by the inflammation.

A study by the Colorado National Board of Chiropractic Examiners showed that when patients eat more organic fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids, inflammation is significantly reduced. They should also avoid processed foods and drink enough water to alleviate the pain and symptoms of autoimmune diseases. This is why those suffering from such conditions should make an appointment with their chiropractor for nutritional advice.

  1. Address Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiency

Chiropractors learn how nutrition affects the body during their studies. They know that low levels of Vitamin D cause back pain, while the B vitamins are necessary for preventing liver dysfunction and gallstones. Getting advice on patients’ diet and addressing vitamin deficiency through a balanced diet is key to pain relief and might also address other symptoms they might be experiencing.

At the same time, ensuring that the body has enough magnesium, vitamins C and D through a balanced diet while undergoing chiropractic treatment will make it more effective. This is because they help reduce inflammation and they nourish the cartilage at the same time.

  1. Improve The Nervous System Function

The nerves going around the whole body are responsible for every movement, including the beating of the heart and breathing. In some cases, trauma to the spinal cord due to a car accident can disrupt the normal function of the nervous system. The chiropractor will suggest treatments to address the imbalance and restore the proper function of the whole system.

However, without the right diet, the immune system will still be weakened, resulting in a whole list of health problems from glucose regulation, bowel problems, thyroid issues, hormone imbalance, weakened ability to lose weight, chronic fatigue and many more. It is a combination of a misaligned spine and wrong diet that can be addressed by the chiropractor to restore the proper function of the body.

In order to support proper function of the nervous system, having a diet rich in enzymes and nutrients, that is also organic and GMO-free is recommended. While your chiropractor will work on supporting your body’s ability to break down food and absorb the nutrients in it, it is also promoting the body’s innate ability to detox and heal. This is why a balanced diet partnered with chiropractic care will achieve the goals of both the patient and the chiropractor.

  1. Support Normal Body Function

The body has all the tools to repair itself and to maintain balance. However, when patients are not eating well and receiving the necessary nutrients, the organs do not function well, the body cannot repair muscles, and other functions necessary for an optimal life experience.

For chiropractors, it is impossible to ignore the importance of a balanced diet in their overall practice. They recognize that the body recovers best when their treatments are partnered with proper nutrition, which is why an increasing number of practitioners incorporate nutritional counseling in their practice. This holistic perspective is key to living life optimally.