Herpes at a glance

Herpes is a very common infection and many people have the infection though few are aware of it. Herpes is caused by two viruses that are closely related but different. These viruses are herpes simplex virus type 1 and herpes simplex virus type 2. The two viruses once contracted remain in the carrier body throughout his lifetime and only produce symptoms once in a while that come and go.

thermometerWhen the infection is near or in the mouth, then it is referred to as the oral herpes. If the infection is near or on the sex organs, then that is genital herpes. Millions and millions of people do not know that they are carriers of this disease because, they have never noticed or had herpes symptom.  This makes this diseases to be easily transferred further even to more people.

Persons with oral herpes will have fever blisters or cold sore around the mouth, inside the mouth or on the lips. These symptoms last for a short period of time and then go away. They only return when triggered. They are indeed annoying but harmless to both children and adults. They are however harmful to newborns.

Persons with genital herpes have very mild symptoms that may go unnoticed, have symptoms but do not know that they are herpes symptoms or have no symptoms at all. Genital herpes symptom is just a cluster of blistery sores. These symptoms are found at the vulva, cervix, vagina, penis and on the anus. The symptoms last for a while and then go away. They only resurface when triggered.

The symptoms could be triggered by different pre-disposing factors. For the oral herpes, recurrence may be as a result of sunburn, other infections and injury to the lips. Stress, skin irritations, surgery among others may bring about recurrences. It is important to note though that herpes does not always recur and if it does, the severity and the timing differ from person to person. To some people, the recurrence is often that to others. Recurrence may be more frequent to people with weakened immunity and may happen more often in the first year of infection.

It is very important for people to who are having symptoms like the ones described above to be able to visit the doctor to get his/her report on herpes cure. This is because, there are other diseases that are sexually transmitted that have similar symptoms but which could need urgent treatment.

To be able to control this disease, one must be aware that they indeed have the infection with them. Enough rest and sleep, a proper diet and effective management of stress will go a long way in preventing recurrence. Those who have oral herpes should also avoid sunburns or apply the necessary sunburn products to be able to control its effect.

There are also anti-herpes drugs that can be taken every day to help reduce the duration of recurrence and the frequency. Daily use of these drugs is called suppressive therapy and helps those with frequent outbreaks.